Living alive.

A woman raises her hands in church and sways to the music that connects her inner being to the Most High. Yet, at work she only raises her hands in gestures of frustration.

A young boy attends summer camp for the first time. He accepts Christ (YAYYY), therefore, devoting his life to the Lord. Yet, when he goes to school, he rides the bus with his headphones in blaring useless words of the world.

Another student, nearly twenty-one years old, attends some sort of college group on Monday nights. Breathe, I think it’s called? 😉 She opens up to those around her and tries to seek out those of which look alone. Yet, when she walks to class, she looks to the ground for comfort.

A man leads a small group. He has been called to be a leader and when he prays for wisdom and to speak truth on Wednesday nights, he never feels more alive in Spirit. Yet, when a crop fails he curses the weather, and when the fields yield wealth, he kisses the earth.

Christ. The perfect, spotless Lamb of God. Slow to anger and frustration. Devoted to the presence of the Lord. Unconditionally seeking out the sick, poor, and lowly. Full of the Spirit at all times. Not looking to the ground for providence, or to the sky for fortune, but to His Father. Forever present. Not missing a moment. Living alive.


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